If you notice that you child has suddenly begun biting their nails you should sit down and have a non threatening talk with them.  Don’t yell at them forStop Nail Biting developing this habit.  Yelling will only make matters worse if the cause for their nail biting is anxiety. Ask them how things are going at school or with their friends.  Ask if there is anything new going on that they would like to talk about.  Are they feeling overwhelmed by a new class?  If you find that things are relatively stress free in their life then their problem most likely stems from boredom.  Keep an eye on them around the house and take note of what is going on when they bite their nails.  Do they usually bite their nails while watching television or listening to music?  This would indicate an unconscious habit. It is essential to communicate to your child how important it is to stop nail biting and commit to tackle the problem together.